How to start over!

How to start over!

It has been quite some time since my last post.

first of all i would like to say Happy new year! 2020 is surely going to be a great year for most people. I personally am optimistic about this year and I am looking forward to great achievements in every area of my life. I Began 2019 with the same mood, which is great, but the truth is that I slacked a lot last year and it left me very weary and wondering how am going to start my new year.

In the last month of the past year I sat down and did a lot of thinking and planning. I needed to pick my self up and get ready to start over. I could not quit, it has never been an option. It should not be an option for you too.

You might still be hang over your past mistakes and and just how much you have failed. That alone can leave you hopeless. It is not too late to start over, it never is!

I am going to share with you a few steppes that will help you start over on any project or dream you have so as to accomplish your goals or vision. So here we go,

  1. Accept the past.  The first thing to do is to accept everything that has happened in the past. It is hard to start over in your life if you’re still holding onto the past. Whether be a relationship, job, family or other situation, you need to accept what has happened. Note that acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean forgiveness or understanding. It just means that you have realized something has happened, you acknowledged it, and you are ready to move on from it. You may feel pain and hurt when life isn’t going in the direction you wanted, but you don’t have to suffer. Suffering is a choice. Nothing last forever, including pain. So acknowledge it, experience it, and move on from it. Don’t center your life around the hurt and the failures; get out of that story and avoid the drama.
  2. Remember that things happen for a reason. the Bible says that “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.  This is not to say that you are powerless and that things are just “fated” to be a certain way. Rather, nothing has meaning besides the meaning you assign to it. It’s up to you to make every event, incident, and moment in your life empowering or dis-empowering. The lessons you are to learn won’t be obvious; you instead have to discover what your life is telling you.
  3. Take stock of your failures and successes. You can’t “quit life”, so instead of getting down when things aren’t work out as planned, ask yourself, “What is or was working in my situation or circumstance?” Write it all down. Keep notes to yourself about your successes, even the small ones. Write every night about something that went well that day. Focusing on the positive helps attract more of it! This is working for me. Think about how you can promote what is or was working for you even more.
  4. Discover your purpose and set goals.  everyone has to have a goal or vision that drives them. living a life that had no vision is living aimlessly. Thinking about the meaning of your life is one of the first major steps toward making big changes. Discover what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, what are you passionate about. Discovering these is key to figuring out what will make you happy and give you a fulfilling life. Once you have determined your general purpose and big life goals, decide specifically how you will reach these goals and then make the needed changes. Set short term goals and long term goals then organize yourself and begin the work!
  5. Prepare for moments of weakness and do not be afraid to ask for help. At times you will feel like your new plan is not working and you will want to revert to your old life. Plan for these moments. if it takes you separating from certain people then do so. This might mean deleting the numbers of people you call or text when you’re down and need validation. When you feel like you have tried everything and there is no change, do not be afraid to reach out to someone and ask for help. You will not know everything, so there will be people who are experts in other areas where you lack. it it not a sign of weakness.
  6. Keep moving. Now with all the above steps you are sure to be in the right track. quit procrastinating and keep pressing towards the mark! it is good to reward yourself every time you accomplish the short term goal. This helps you to stay motivated.

See you at the end!


Love Amede

Lets Start Again!

Lets Start Again!

Welcome to the new year!  I pray it will be a good year for all of us and that we will be able to move closer to our goals with ease. It is pretty much everybody’s norm that when the year starts we take a look into our lives, you know, a little introspection, and we start to analyse everything just to see where we are headed and how we are going to get there. We analyse where we have lacked, what has been our weakness or strength and so on.

So, if you are one of the people who practice this yearly i would like to really clap for you because it shows that you really take yourself seriously and you put an effort into developing yourself. 

It is not always easy to follow through our plans though. At times we carry on just for a few months with all the confidence and strength and then give up in the middle of the year. We tend to get so discouraged and we end up losing hope thereby abandoning the things we set out to do in the beginning.

Lets take a look at some of the things that put us down and kill our zeal. I hope this will help you shape up things for this year! I am excited for you.

  • Procrastination- this has got be the major problem for most people. we just keep delaying and postponing things until we realised time has passed. I know some people work better under pressure but with procrastination no job ends up being done completely. Some people put off tasks because of fear of failure or even fear of success, but in either case they are very concerned with what others think of them. So to curb this one needs to first of all be aware that they are procrastinating and practice high level of self control and discipline. 
  • Self doubt- Doubting yourself does not just pop into your head overnight. It is  belief that one entertains long enough for them to actually start thinking its true. it is a mindset issue. It breeds low confidence and makes one to shy away from opportunities. Self doubt can be killed by firstly getting rid of all negative thoughts about oneself. Everybody has the potential to become their very best and to uniquely achieve their goals. invest in books that will teach you how to think positively and get rid of negative mindset.
  •  No planning- We cannot afford to live life haphazardly, life is not a game. When it is said that we should take things one day at a time it was not meant that we should just fold our arms and watch things unfold! We all need to have a plan. This plan can be broken down into quarterly and monthly goals so that it does not overwhelm you. Planning things will helm eliminate distractions and keep you on track of what you do.
  • Announcing plans before they materialise- It is okay to share your most valued information to close family and friends but this has to be done with caution because sometime people may not understand the vision the way you do. People may end up discouraging you or derailing you from your original plan just because you shared the information just a little early. It is advisable that when you have a plan you write it down so it makes sense to you. Then break it down and brainstorm on all the steps you will have to take to reach that goal. Let people in when the real work starts to show. better yet, let your results announce you!
  • Comparison- No two people are entirely the same, not even identical twins. everyone is unique and so are our ideas. Our creativity can distinguish us from the rest of the world, so comparing ourselves to other people is one thing that can slow us down and even kill our motivation to carry on. One man’s failure doe not mean you will also fail. Rather let us use other people’s experiences as learning curves for ourselves. stay focused in what you do and do not let distractions derail you.

There, I hope that was helpful and would like to hear from you. What are the things that have kept you back over the years? Please do share.

Love Amede