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I have always been convinced that one need to have more than one income streams. And now, With over 10 years experience of running an SME, I have a good understanding of the challenges faced by new and small companies. With rise of technology all around the world, SMME’s, especially in Africa have found themselves left behind. As much as this is as a result of poot infrastructure, it is also largely because of lack of knowledge on how they can reach their potential customers. so my greatest desire has been to assist small businesses to take advantage of social media in growing their businesses as well as networking with the correct clientele.

What else do i do?

When am not working on my businesses, I write Blog posts on Marriage, Family life and personal development. I believe good family structures produce sound and well structured individuals and as a result a better world. It has alway come natural to me and most people around me find it easy to contact me for a few words of advice.

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“You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end.”

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