First blog post

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. my official name is Portia Amede, but you will notice I introduce myself as Love Amede most of the times. Well that is just because I want to answer to a name that corresponds to what my heart yearns for. A name that will also remind me of what I carry and what I should share with the world.

I am a 30-year-old lady from Botswana. I am a Proud wife and mother of two. Growing up, I was raised by a single parent (my mother) together with my brothers. I had my first child as a teenager. it came with its challenges which I will share in the future. As I grew into a young lady, my eyes opened to a lot of things especially those about family and marriage life. The marriages of people around me screamed for help. I saw how most relationships were built on the wrong foundations.

After I got married, I began to yearn for a change. I wanted to be part of that change. I have a vision for godly marriages. godly families and relationships that are founded on God. So this is a platform for me to share with the world my views and prayers for marriages and families. I believe that the upcoming generations have to build the right foundation for marriage. This is not just something one learns a few months before they commit to marriage, but something to learn from a very young age.

So, lets open our hearts to receive wisdom.

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